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Enin Enviromental Industry Cluster was founded in 2007 by cooperating companies of North Hungary under the aegis of the Federation of North Hungarian Industrialist. We are the strongest local players in the Eco-Industry. Most of the 27 members are SMEs while the others are large companies, research institutes and NGOs. The core companies operate mainly in the field of waste management, enviromental services and heat energy production, these are the main focal points of the activities.
We have 3 strategic running projects at the moment:
•    „Cluster developmen & Methanol from Waste” Project builds on the method which was awarded the „Invention of 2008″ prize and applies four Hungarian patents. The project will be realized  from the EMOP-2008/1.2.1.- Clusters of regional significance program – is about central service development and R&D investment. We have a new technology for waste mamagement to make high added valeu products from waste.
•    FP7-PEOPLE-KNOWBRIDGE- is about Renewable Energy Sources cooperetion in Eastern Slovakia and North-Hungary.
•    CIP-EcoClup- is an eco-innovative cluster partnership for growth and internationalisation.
The new R&D and Innovation focuses for the ENIN are: Biomass based eco-methanol production(eco-fuel). We can process all kind of organic waste to have the following products: methanol, liquid carbod-dioxid, green electricity. Our special water treatment for drinking water production for cities and energy parks is based on biomass and special local energy mix of Renewable Energy Sources.
The Cluster’s joint vision is to create ’A Central and Eastern European Enviromental Industry Model Region by 2015’ on the basis of a compehensive regional cooperation. The model region shall be known and recognised at the EU level as well.